L’Apres Midi, 2014 

It takes a team to look this good. I had a lovely photo shoot with Richard Stuart Perkins last Friday. I had two principal looks for the shoot.

The cape featured in these shots was made by an extremely talented and knowledgeable friend of mine, Kimberly Matela. Check out our journey and her process into making me this wonderful garment here on her site, The Tailoring Robot.

Here’s what you missed if you didn’t come to by berfday party.

Photograph by Jillian McManemin

You know you wanna!

Come to the Black History Month party at Radio Bushwick and get down! There’s gonna be good vibes, great music, and an awesome time had. 

Free show on a Friday night? What?!

I was recently interviewed for Brio Pop Magazine. Come check it out!

Black Friday | Bushwick Daily


We’re in Bushwick Daily y’all!

Make sure to come out!

Black Friday | Bushwick Daily

We’re in Bushwick Daily y’all!

Happy 4th

Come party, bitches!

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